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This page answers your questions about Application Express - What is Application Express,  benefits,  how to implement and how EIT can help

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This page and its links are designed to answer your FAQ about Oracle Apex including what is Oracle Apex, why use Apex, how to use Apex and the benefits of Apex. If you want to learn more, please call or email us and we will be pleased to help.

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About Apex (Oracle Application Express)


Apex provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which enables developers to quickly create rich and diverse web applications with data stored in a backend Oracle database. Users can search, modify, add and delete data using a standard web browser. There is a high level of security and control.

An example Apex application is our own CarePathPlus™ Electronic Patient Records system (

Apex Features:

  • Included at no extra charge with Oracle database (even Express Edition, the free version)
  • Data is located securely on your company server - or implemented in a cloud solution.
  • No client application on users PC/device/smart-phone - the application is accessed with a standard web browser
  • Secure - choice of user authentication models, or develop your own. HTTPS/SSL is supported
  • Choice of deployment architectures to enhance flexibility, security and performance
  • Deploy on your company intranet or on the internet as you wish
  • Extensive basic functionality easily enhanced using plug-ins, javascript, Ajax etc
  • Includes form controls including radio groups, check-boxes, select lists, shuttles, text editors, and date pickers
  • Data display includes inbuilt charting (HTML 5, SVG, flash), including hot spots for data drill-down
  • Support for converting Oracle Forms applications to Apex applications.
  • PDF printing
  • Export search results to spreadsheet, rich text, PDF - easily include data in reports
  • Web services
  • Upload spreadsheet data
  • Upload and store a variety of data types, including images, PDF, Word etc

What we think

Apex is our development tool of choice. In the right hands it is possible to create complex functionality in a remarkably short timeframe; it is flexible, secure and is an excellent way of delivering applications.


Apex (Application Express) is easily lost in the wide range of Oracle business solutions; although it doesn't have a very high profile, Oracle continue to actively develop it and during 2012 we have seen a significant upturn in its use.

It was first released as HTML DB 1.5 in 2004, became known as Apex at version 2.1 in 2006, and is currently at version 4.2.

HTML DB was derived from a non-GUI toolset called Mod PL/SQL. We used this to develop a web application to provide universal access for all employees of the pharmaceutical giant GSK to the combined research databases immediately after the merger of Glaxo and SmithklineBeecham in 2000.

The Future of Apex

In April 2012 Oracle made a clear commitment to the ongoing development and support of Apex:

"Oracle Application Express is the native Web application development framework for the Oracle Database.  Since its inception in February 2004 as a feature of Oracle Database 10g, Oracle Application Express has seen tremendous uptake, with hundreds of thousands of downloads, and thousands of customers with secure, scalable web applications deployed into production.  Oracle Application Express is a standard database component of Oracle Database 11g.  Oracle continues to invest in the development and support of Oracle Application Express and new versions of Application Express will be released at least annually. "


OK, I'm convinced. How can you help me?

EIT has been developing applications in Apex and its predecessors for more than 12 years. Our staff have an extensive knowledge of the product and how to get the best from it.

We can provide all the support you might need:

  • Contract Staff - supply of experienced contractors selected by our in-house Apex team
  • Application Development - a complete solution to meet the needs of your business
  • Consultancy - advice and support whenever you need it
  • Permanent staff - search and selection
  • Managed services
  • Managed hosting


For an informal discussion and advice from an Apex expert give us a call and we will be pleased to answer your questions or click here to email