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Application Gallery

We can create a wide range of inputs and outputs such as forms, interactive reports, charts etc. Almost any form of external interaction is also possible. This page shows a few screenshots from previous projects where we have permission to use in promotional material.

We have drawn our examples from two projects:

CarePathPlus - a healthcare application developed to meet the requirements of the NHS

Trade Union branch audit and membership support - for monitoring of individual branches, providing support for a variety of functions including timesheets

These examples contain fictitious data.

To see a larger version of an image, click on it. Use the Back button on your browser to return.


The dataset can be searched and filtered by a variety of criteria. The dropdown provides data handling options. Data for a patient can be examined or edited by clicking on the link on the left.



In this case we are looking at clinical data. The system accomodates a variety of data types, including numeric, text, memo, image and documents. Documents (eg Xcel, Word, PDF) are stored in the database. Range checking of numeric data is applied and flagged accordingly.



Image data is displayed by simply hovering over the icon. It is retreived and displayed instantly using Ajax.



In this application we were required to display certain information as a simple chart as shown above. We are able to create a variety of complete charts with animation and drilldown.



This is an example of a 3D stacked bar chart



An example of data revealed as a pop-up


This is part of a branch membership audit system for a trade union. This page shows allows selection and edit of the basic data  
One of the elements of the audit. Pages may be access from the tabs or steppped through using the navigation buttons  
A timesheet, allowing the entry of complete information to automate expenses claim and billing  
This example of a document library demonstrates search of documents stored within the database.