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Application Architecture


Web Application Architecture

3-tier architecture

Multi-tier Architecture

The diagram above shows a 3-tier architecture; the database server and the application server are separate. This enhances security, and can be a mandatory requirement. For example, we are required by NHS Information Governance regulations to use this implentation for patient data.

In a 2-tier architecture, the database and the webserver are combined onto one platform

Security - encryption

We always recommend using data encryption. This is especially important over the public internet, but is also recommended on internal LAN's - which may still be subject to eavesdropping. Passwords as well as data can be intercepted on an unencrypted connection.

Encryption may take the form of point to point SSL possibly in conjunction with a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Security - authentication

Often a simple password may not be sufficient. Passwords may be too simple, or may be revealed.

If required, we can offer advanced 1- or 2-factor authentication. Many customers are familiar with RSA SecurID:

We can also offer an alternative from GrIDsure

Security - physical

If security is an issue, it is essential that the servers are located in a secure environment. If you don't already have a preferred location, we offer (www.eit-hosting.co.uk) secure datacenter facilities which conform to the highest standards.

We recommend data encryption on the server at the disk &/or database level.

It is also advisable to apply disk encryption to the client devices - especially laptops

Database and Application Servers

We offer applications using the following platforms:



SQL Server




Server Facilities

You may already have server room facilities where you propose to host your application, but if not we can help:

We supply server hardware from Dell, IBM and HP - including rack infrastructure, SAN, UPS etc.

If you don't wish to host your own servers, we offer (www.eit-hosting.co.uk) secure hosting which includes:

State of the art data center with 24hr security patrols, CCTV, multiple biometric access

UPS protected power supply backed up with diesel generators

Redundant networking

Highly resilient architecture with no single point of failure